Whether you hate your old, loose, dirty carpet which can never be thoroughly cleaned, or just bought a new home but dislike the floor, we have all the solutions for you. After ten years of service in Los Angeles and Venture counties, we have installed floors for thousands homeowners and acquired excellent reputations. Unlike these big box stores, we have supply chains directly from the manufacturers. As a result, you may obtain first hand floor products, instead of going through the series of importers, distributors, retail stores, managers, salesperson, contractors, subcontractors, installers. For example, a high quality engineered wood floor shall be 9/16" thick to offer strongest weight support and wearing and tearing tolerance. If you go through such a long supply chain, the engineered wood floor finally reached at your home might be only 3/8" thick for the same price or even higher. That's why most of our clients start with big box stores and end up with choosing our manufacture direct products for a very simple reason - significant difference of quality and price.

Our "high quality" and "low price" commitments are based on real product specifications. In order to save cost to provide you with affordable floors, we do not offer local show room. However, we are your true neighborhood flooring contractor. Once we arrange an estimate appointment, we will bring a truck load of preselected best value products of all kinds of styles you can imagine, show up on time, answer any questions about your floor and offer a quote right at your home. All these are absolutely free and no obligation. Our profession installers are hard working, efficient and can deliver great results for your home improvement. Your phone call or email request is the first step and the only step you need to start your floor renovation project. We'll take care of the rest. Guaranteed !!!

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